The company separates their plastics for recycling into various categories 
​depending on the markets they will be prepared for. These include: Natural HDPE (i.e. Plastic milk cartons) LDPE (i.e. Construction plastic film packaging) HDPE (Oversize i.e. Plastic oil tanks / wheelie bins) P.E.T. (i.e. Plastic soda bottles) PP (i.e. Plastic stripping) Farm plastic
Further processing is then carried out to separate the different
plastics into their various grades including (but not limited to): HDPE ,UPVC, ETC Once sorting the materials can be processed,
​ baled and stored prepared for dispatch to the various recycling markets
​ all over the globe.

Plastic Recycling 

One of the bulkiest and more common waste materials arriving at
McKinstry Skip Hire is cardboard and paper.
Once weighed in using the company’s state of the art weighbridge facility the material is delivered to the cardboard and paper recycling shed. A pre-sorting process commences using bespoke plant and equipment and once completed the material is transferred to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF at the company’s head office in Crumlin is considered to be one of the leading waste management facilities in Northern Ireland. The facility has been designed to ensure safety is maintained at all times by including circulatory routes, a managed entrance and egress points to the different locations within the MRF. Once within the MRF, the cardboard and paper is processed and baled and prepared for dispatch by a fully trained and competent baler operative. cardboard and paper bales are stored in a safe,

Cardboard & Paper Recycling 

Just a decade ago we were taking 90% of all the waste we collected across Northern Ireland straight to landfill.  Today those figures have virtually been reversed, with over 90% of waste now being recycled and reused. 
As a signee to WRAPS’ “Halving Waste to Landfill” Scheme, we hope to increase our recycling rate to over 95%.  We are an ambitious firm and with the expert help from WRAP we believe we can move towards being a true ‘zero waste’ business and by doing so will not only benefit the environment, but will reduce costs for our clients and create economic benefits by reusing and recycling materials here in Northern Ireland.

Waste Management & Recycling